In a privileged setting, surrounded by the typical green landscape of Asturias, Construcciones Metalicas Muñiz Hermanos S.L. has 3,000 m² of land on which it has built two back-to-back industrial units occupying a total surface area of 2,300 m².

Their main dimensions include a span of 15 metres and a length of 50 and 70 metres respectively, with a hook height of 10 metres and a maximum height of 12 metres.

Our installations also have a car park, a store, changing rooms, a canteen, offices and a meeting room.

Boilermaking Machinery

We understand the need to have the best means to carry out the different projects, for which reason we develop continuously providing our installations with the machinery necessary for their execution.

Furthermore, we have several sets of manual welding equipment via SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW processes, blowtorches and all the manual material necessary for this activity.

Handling Devices

To carry out our daily work we have two gantry cranes in each unit for 12.5, 10, 6.3 and 5 tonnes respectively.
Gantry crane for 12.5 tonnes
Gantry crane for 6.3 tonnes
Gantry crane for 10 tonnes
Gantry crane for 5 tonnes
We resort to self-powered mobile cranes whenever we exceed our loading possibilities.

Human Team

We know 85% of the value of a company is made up by the people working in it. Therefore, at Construcciones Metálicas Muñiz Hermanos S.L. we continuously train our staff, from the technical office to the workshop by means of improvement courses regarding the different disciplines involved in our production processes. In this way we have the most appropriate personnel to take on the most demanding projects, from the technical project stage to its industrial execution.

Muñiz Hermanos

La Huelga, s/n
33469 Carreño
Asturias, Spain


Calle Málaga, 115
Of. 709 – Las Condes
Santiago de Chile

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